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"My great sensitivity is undoubtedly my best asset for capturing the most authentic emotions".

french wedding videographer. Emotional wedding films in south of france and Destination wedding.

Every couple, every wedding is a unique story, filled with all kinds of emotions that make us go from laughter to tears in seconds. For a long time, I was satisfied to capture these moments of joy, which are ultimately the fruit of a journey and of lived experiences. It was when I started to take an interest in the origin of these emotions, that I realized that the story of a couple cannot be summed up in a single wedding day. Extending my vision beyond this day has therefore become obvious to me.

I put all my heart, my sensitivity and my passion to capture natural and spontaneous images to bring out all the authenticity of the moment. Combine sounds, atmosphere and music to highlight the emotions of the moment lived to finally compose the unique symphony that will be your wedding film. An authentic film, rich in truth, which will span the years and bring you back to the heart of what you experienced and felt on your wedding day, thus inscribing itself in your family heritage.

vidéaste de mariage dans le sud de la france

 Joris Armand

Wedding videographer located in the Occitanie region in the south of France. Beyond Gard, Vaucluse, Provence and Côte d'Azur, I travel everywhere in France and abroad.

In all discretion, I know how to be as close as possible to you and your guests to capture the emotions of unique moments in life. I am passionate about telling the story that led you to this commitment that you are going to give yourself and to transcribe all the emotions that I have experienced with your loved ones through films that are characterized by a cinematographic rendering.


"La photographie, c'est la vérité et le cinéma, c'est vingt-quatre fois la vérité par seconde ..." Jean-Luc Godard

couple de mariés enlassé au bord d'une piscine à débordement à cassis


Publié sur la Soeur de la Mariée.png
couple de mariés s'embrassant sur une plage de saint tropez

When a couple entrusts me with the making of the film of their big day, it is an honor for me because I am aware of the importance for them to keep the memories of this day so unique, filled with emotions and love. .

I attach great importance to the preparation before marriage. Know your personalities, your habits, your interests, your universe and the people dear to your hearts.


This relationship of trust that develops allows you to preserve your naturalness and spontaneity as much as possible on D-Day. All this preparation allows me a more unique approach when making your film. It is essential to compose the final symphony that suits you.

robe de mariée filmée par videaste de mariage

_HOW to capture the authenticity of a moment?

émotions quand le papa découvre sa fille en robe de mariée.

_A UNIQUE FILM that looks like you

It is important for me not to miss a moment. I am therefore present throughout the day of your wedding. The preparation work before the wedding allows me to capture the most moving moments and anticipate them

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

A few days later, you dive back into your marriage and relive with emotion the most beautiful moments of that day as I experienced them with your guests.

I then offer you a short, captivating film format, articulated around your story and cinematically edited that you can easily share with those around you. Then, you can enjoy in the privacy of the family circle, a longer version retracing your wedding day. Moments of life to watch without moderation so that you will never forget what you experienced that day.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.


The date number is limited each year to focus on the quality of each movie, not the quantity.

couple enlaçé et assis dans un champs de blé

Would you like to know my availability? Contact me and let's discuss your project together.

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